The Countries That Have the Lowest Gambling Age

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It’s an odd thing to think about when you consider it; however, the age at which you are legally allowed to gamble varies based on where you live. It is required to be at least 18 years old to bet on football, horse racing casinos, horse racing, or any other forms of gambling such as the lottery, which was increased between 16 and 18 in 2021. However, in many states across the US, the minimum age for gambling is 21.

It’s not established in particular countries; for instance, Canada serves as an illustration of a country that has 18-year-olds in certain provinces and territories and 19 in other provinces and territories. The reason why a country chooses an age that is specified isn’t easy to comprehend, with a lot of them being arbitrary choices. There are various rules and laws that set the definition of the legal gambling age worldwide. This article will examine the legal gambling age in different countries.

Countries With Gambling Ages

Following are some of the countries that have the lowest gambling age:

  • UK

The UK is extremely accepting of betting. Many advertisements at sporting events invite players to participate and bet on their favorite teams. The legal age to gamble within the UK is 18 years old. This is the case for all gambling establishments, including racetracks, casinos, bingo halls, betting shops, and online gambling. The only exception to this rule is those in the National Lottery, other lotteries, and football pools.

legal gambling age worldwide

It’s legal to participate in these games as early as 16 and have chances to play with low stakes. There are also gaming machines in arcades and entertainment centers with no age limit and are playable by anyone, including Teddy Grabbers and coin pushers. It’s an offense to those over the age of 16 but not yet 18 to bet on games that are not allowed by these exemptions.

  • USA

The federal government system that is in place within the United States of America means that each state is in the position of deciding its age of legality for various activities, such as gambling. A majority of American states have decided to have an age minimum of 21. The state in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of them.

There are, however, certain exceptions to the rules of several States. It’s legal for those over 18 to place bets on a horse race or purchase lottery tickets in certain states, for instance, with states like Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, New York, and Pennsylvania falling into this category. In addition, Iowa, Idaho, Minnesota, and Wyoming all have the wagering age set at 18 in all cases.

  • China

Traditional gambling of all kinds is banned in China. The only exception is lotteries run by the government and are open to people above 21. Underground betting is widespread across most of China and is illegal, implying no age requirement to participate in.