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Daily Kos: Mich. legislature passes bills to stop automatically charging, incarcerating 17-year-olds

Originally published on the Daily Kos.

"Thanks to legislation that’s expected to cross Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s desk this week, starting in 2021 Michigan will no longer be one of the only states left in the country that automatically locks up 17-year-old children in adult jails.

Raise the Age legislation won bipartisan approval in Michigan’s legislature last week after compromises were made between differing versions passed by the state’s House and Senate. Under the bill package, starting in Oct. 2021 the majority of teens 17 and under will face the juvenile justice system instead of the adult system when they are accused or convicted of criminal offenses. There will also be more protections for those youth who remain in the adult system, as the new law requires that they be housed and transported separately from incarcerated adults."

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