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Every kind of gambling activity was banned in the territory of Switzerland throughout the majority into the second half of this century. The entire spectrum of these operations was prohibited in the country following a law passed by Switzerland’s government in 1921. In March of 2000, no stakes gambling was allowed under the Federal Law on Games of Chance and Casinos. This was only the second time in nearly 80 years. Furthermore, following Swiss law on gambling, the games could be separated into two types: games of luck and games of skills. The only games of chance permitted to be played at casinos based in Switzerland. To date, the number of casinos is 19 in the region of Switzerland. If you are searching for the best swiss casino online overview, this post will provide you the Switzerland online casino guide.

Relevant Legislation

Under Swiss laws, there are both cantonal and federal supervisory regulators responsible for the oversight of the correct implementation of local legislation on gambling. The games of luck and cash gambling are under the oversight of the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB) and function in the capacity of an autonomous public body that is part of the nation’s Federal Department of Justice and Police. The Gaming Board holds regulatory functions in the area of monitoring casinos and ensuring their conformity to their obligations under the Federal Act of Games of Chance and Casinos of 1998. SFGB additionally acts as the body to decide if games should be classified as a chance game or one of skill. The Swiss Federal Council is the body responsible for granting casino licenses. It also decides on the number of licenses that can be issued as well as the validity period for each license.

In contrast, the cantons, as well as the Intercantonial Lottery and Betting Board, oversee lotteries and betting. The Betting Board was officially established in 2006 to serve as the worldwide supervisory and licensing authority for lottery and betting establishments within the nation. The Board conducts the evaluation of license applications. Gaming of chance is subject to the provisions of article 106 of the Federal Constitution, which sets an exception between two kinds of gambling, namely casino gaming, and lotteries. To date the present, there is Federal Gambling Act is the most important federal law that governs gambling and casinos in the nation.

Types Of Licenses

  • Casino location licenses

The licenses granted are only valid when the canton supports the application and the local population. Any evidence of the economic benefits of proposed casino facilities in the area is proven by the person applying for the license.

  • Operation licenses

This kind of license can be granted only when the administration’s independence and the appropriate supervision of the operation are assured by the person applying for the license. Furthermore, the person applying for the license must provide an identity and security idea along with the business security plan.

Online Casino Benefits for Players from Switzerland

online casinos in switzerlandToday, in Switzerland, the offline and online gambling industry is much more controlled than other European countries and offers a more relaxed attitude towards gambling than in previous times. It means Swiss gamblers can legally gamble on many fully licensed sites (both local and international) and enjoy access to the most popular online casino games around the world on reputable gambling websites governed by trusted operators who have established track records.

The Best Online Casinos Of 2022 to Switzerland Players

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