Human Impact Partners

Protecting Kids and Enhancing Public Safety


Human Impact Partners (HIP) recently released "Raise the Age: Protecting Kids and Enhancing Public Safety in Michigan, a report detailing new RTA research.


The Report evaluates the health and equity impacts of charging 17-year-olds in juvenile court rather than adult court. The goal of the Report is to inform RTA legislation currently under consideration in Michigan.


Key findings include:


  • Keeping 17-year-olds in the juvenile justice system builds healthier and more productive young adults, improves community health, and increases public safety.


  • Youth tried in adult court are more likely to be convicted and receive harsh sentences.


  • The adult system is a costly, dangerous place for kids.


The Report concludes that the State of Michigan cannot afford to continue subjecting 17-year-olds to the adult criminal justice system, health outcomes, lost opportunities for youth, and lost tax revenue—are simply too high to ignore.