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New Report Examines Health Impacts of Raise the Age

“Youth who are tried in adult court are more likely to be convicted and receive harsh sentences than youth who remain in juvenile court, and are punished more severely than young adults (ages 18-24) who are charged for similar crimes.”

Human Impact Partners (HIP) recently releasedRaise the Age: Protecting Kids and Enhancing Public Safety in Michigan , a report detailing new RTA research.teenagers.

The Report, which can be accessed here ,evaluates the health and equity impacts of charging 17-year-olds in juvenile court rather than adult court. The goal of the Report is to inform RTA legislation currently under consideration in Michigan.

Key findings include:

  • Keeping 17-year-olds in the juvenile justice system builds healthier and more productive young adults, improves community health, and increases public safety.

  • Youth tried in adult court are more likely to be convicted and receive harsh sentences.

  • The adult system is a costly, dangerous place for kids.

The Report concludes that the State of Michigan cannot afford to continue subjecting 17-year-olds to the adult criminal justice system, because the cumulative costs—trauma, poor health outcomes, lost opportunities for youth, and lost tax revenue—are simply too high to ignore. Therefore, HIP urges Michigan to follow the lead of other states and raise the age.

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