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MCSSA Endorses Raise the Age Legislation

Teens from The Michigan Juvenile Justice Youth Advisory Board (YAB) appeared before the Washtenaw County Commissioners on November 15, 2017 to promote a resolution urging the Michigan Legislature to pass the “Youth in Prison”package.

The resolution was adopted unanimously (two commissioners were absent), and included a call for an appropriate state funding mechanism. The full resolution can be found here. Along with testimony from other Washtenaw residents, members of the youth advisory board shared why raising the age of juvenile jurisdiction will allows young people who come in contact with the law for making "youthful mistakes" to have a chance to address the needs that contributed to delinquent behavior, without the harmful, lifelong consequences of having an adult criminal record.

Commissioner Conan Smith stated, "The state legislature should follow their heart on this issue. This is a small change that Michigan can make that would positively impact the lives of thousands of young people"

If you are interested in advocating for the passage of a resolution in your local community and would like assistance, please contact the Raise the Age MI campaign by clicking here.

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