Join Us On


April 22nd


for Michigan's first

Youth Justice Sunday!


Michigan is one of only FIVE states that automatically

prosecute 17-year-olds in adult criminal court.


Rather than receiving rehabilitative programs in the juvenile justice systems, youth are often exposed to violence in adult jails and prisons and face lifelong barriers to education, employment, and housing as adults.

What is Youth Justice Sunday?

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, join congregations and faith leaders across the state as we come together to express support for improving the way Michigan protects and values youth involved in the justice system.


  • We believe in the importance of protecting the most vulnerable people, particularly children and youth, in our communities.


  • We believe that with proper guidance and support, youth have an incredible capacity for rehabilitation and personal transformation.


  • We believe that young people deserve a justice system that addresses their developmental needs.


  • We believe in restorative justice policies that promote public safety, hold youth accountable for their actions, and provide opportunities for redemption.


Read our faith letter supporting Michigan's Raise the Age campaign and join us on Sunday, April 22nd, 2018  to explore ways that your congregation can put these principles into action. 



How Do I Get Involved in Youth Justice Sunday?

All denominations and faith communities are invited to participate!

Step 1: You can register here!


Step 2: Each church or faith community must identify a coordinator to serve as the primary contact. The coordinator may be the leader of the congregation (i.e. pastor, rabbi, minister, bishop) or an active member with approval from leadership.


Step 3: Review the Youth Justice Sunday action packet below and determine the best way to share a youth justice message. Some ideas include:

  • Incorporate youth justice into your sermon or message [link below];

  • Facilitate a small group discussion [link below];

  • Engage in digital ministry to raise awareness about youth justice issues in Michigan through your newsletter or social media accounts;

  • Set up an information table during your coffee/social hour to share materials and opportunities to take action.

Check Out Our Resources Below!

Youth Justice Sunday Packet

In this packet, we have provided ideas for your sermon, message or small group discussions. We also have a number of online resources to support the digital ministry, like newsletters and social media, so that you can share your message with a broader audience. 



Raise the Age Fact Sheets

Stay updated on all current Raise the Age facts and language here!

Take Action!

Take further action supporting Michigan's Raise the Age campaign and:

  • Share YOUR story. We want to hear YOUR story about why you are passionate about Raise the Age.

  • Endorse the Raise the Age statement of principles and sign-up to get the latest email campaign updates! Check out ways you or your organization can support us below!

  • Host an educational event in your community to help spread the word about Raise the Age. 

  • Write or call your legislator about raising the age in Michigan.

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